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Trainers from Peru

Make yourself more colorful without sacrificing quality or comfort. Make yourself more stylish without browsing through shelves full of mass-produced goods. Stand out with the uniqueness of ethnic patterns. Introducing Inkamos – trainers with incredible design that is a descendant of their origin.

Inkamos trainers are not made in huge factories. Every pair is hand-trimmed, sewed and glued in small family workshops in Peru. The characteristic, colorful fabric is decorated with traditional patterns of the Inca culture.
The material, which is called Manta Peruana, has been woven out of colorful threads in the area of the former kingdom of the Incas since times immemorial. It was done manually in the past, but today the craftsmen also use very simple machines and tools. Inkamos trainers are an excellent choice for those who seek variety and wish to stand out in the crowd. Experience the restless spirit of the Incas!

Say no to child labor!

We are absolutely against any form of child labor, so we make sure that children do not participate in the creation of Inkamos trainers. Childhood is a time of fun and education!

Fair relations

The production of Inkamos trainers is based on a fair and balanced division of profits, whereas the relations – on dialogue and mutual respect.

Say no to mass production!

We support smaller scale production in small (often family) workshops. As a result, we can count on higher engagement and the attention to quality. Smaller workshops also do not have such a big influence on the environment and local communities.

Vegan friendly.

No materials of animal origin are used to make Inkamos trainers. The interior of the trainers is made of cotton, the external material is made of acrylic fiber and the sole is rubber.


2% of the profits from each pair of shoes is transferred to SKIP, a non-profit organization that supports poor children from the northern parts of Peru. More information is available on the organization’s website: We strongly encourage you to donate SKIPPeru. The organization’s contribution to helping families and develop education in this area is invaluable.

Help is important

Peru is still struggling with poverty and illiteracy. Without external support, there is no hope to change this situation. The Skip Peru foundation works with children and their parents. The programs the organization prepares are thorough and focus on the economic, educational, emotional and social aspects of children’s development.

Where to buy?
Brick and mortar shop
Brick and mortar shop
We would like to invite you to visit our shop in Poznań at ul. Szamarzewskiego 1. At the shop, you can see, touch and try everything on.
Internet shop
Internet shop
Fast shipping, guaranteed satisfaction, 14 days to return the goods—everything without having to leave the comfort of your home. The most convenient shopping.
A special wholesale offer for wholesalers, showrooms and designers. Let us start with a form and get to know each other.

We simultaneously handle various matters. New items will become available every now and then. You should consider staying in touch. We gladly participate in interesting projects, photo shoots, fairs and exhibitions and establish cooperation with interior designers and showrooms.

ul. Poznańska 27/3
60-850 Poznań, Poland
tel. +48 698 653 111